Wikipedia Asian Month is Back!

Wikipedia Asian Month is back! One of the biggest article writing contests of the year, it is a month-long online edit-a-thon where different language Wikipedias take part and conduct the contest locally in their own language.

After successful three editions of ‘Wikipedia Asian Month’ the fourth one is on its way this November. More than 2000 Wikimedians have taken part in Wikipedia Asian Month in the last three years, creating over 20,500 high-quality Wikipedia articles under this contest. Last year, a total of 51 projects of Wikipedia and Wikisource took part creating around 7,429 articles with the participation of over 694 Wikimedians.

Diwali festival in Sri Lanka Culture and Sights under CC-BY 2.0 by Amila Tennakoon

The criteria for this contest is very simple. In order to submit an article for the contest, it should have minimum 3000 bytes and 300 words. The subject of these Wikipedia articles has to be related to Asia whereas participation to this contest is not limited to the Asian community. And for contestants to receive a postcard, minimum four articles need to submit. Those who do fulfill these criteria would receive a postcard from an Asian country. The best part? You get a chance to be an ambassador from your language community! The participant who creates the most articles in their respective community would be honored as Ambassador from that community.

So get geared up for this year’s iteration of Wikipedia Asian Month and register yourself as a local organizer on our Meta page. We assure you full support and assistance in organizing this event this year; our energetic International Team is dedicated to helping you. Find our International Team here. You can follow the developments and news about WAM on our social media handles and share your participation experience with the rest of the Wikimedians. Follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter at @WikiAsianMonth.

Tiven Gonsalves, Wikilover90,
Communications, International Team (WAM)

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