This blog is written by Sara Guasteví, Sara is a documentalist in the Music Museum of Barcelona.

A few years ago, Horacio Curti, a professor at the ESMUC (High School of Music of Catalonia) and a specialist in Asian music proposed an exhibition for the Music Museum of Barcelona, with a spectacular result that we can now see (and until June 2018!). The exhibition proposes an approach to the sounds of Korea from the music through social and ritual aspects, which not only include instruments, but also the music, its contexts, and the costumes.

This project led to a close collaboration with the National Gugak Center, and in addition, the NGC donated 22 Korean instruments to the Music Museum of Barcelona. The instruments donated are Sanjo gayageum, Sanjo ajaeng, Hyangpiri, Dangpiri, Sepiri, haegeum, Jeongak ajaeng, Soribuk, Yanggeum, Sogeum, danso, Taepyongso, nagak, nabal, jing, Jabara, Yonggo, Sogo, Kkwaenggwari, Janggu, Jwago and Ulla. The exhibition is completed with a large and illustrated catalog of specialized articles, and with fifteen videos of high quality, with a total duration of more than an hour and a half, they feature recordings of Korean music and instrument makers, specially prepared for this exhibition.

Every time we prepare for an exhibition, we analyze in parallel what content we have in Catalan Wikipedia, and what’s in other languages. In a particular case, in the exhibition of Musical Sculptures, we made the Wikipedia contents regarding the sculptures as a part of the text for the exhibition. Since then, we have been collaborating with Amical Wikimedia and Catalan Wikimedians, and allow them to access the information generated by the museum, specialized bibliography from the museum library, and help the Wikipedians to expand or create articles on various topics. 

Earlier this month, the inauguration of the Eolssigu! The sounds of Korea exhibition occurred in coincidence with Wikipedia Asian Month, on this occasion, we have photographed 31 exhibited pieces and released them to Wikimedia Commons, which gave us a push to start a Wiki project “Museu de la Música de Barcelona/Corea” to create articles on Music of Korea.