Thank you for joining WAM 2017!

Started in 2015, Wikipedia Asian Month is an online annual event aimed at promoting content related to Asia in different language Wikipedias.  The participating communities run a local Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on their own language Wikipedias, which promotes the creation or improvement of the Wikipedia content about Asia except for their own country. The participating community is not limited to Asia. In past two years, over 13,000 high-quality articles are created in more than 50 languages by more than 2,000 Wikipedia editors.

As one of the parts of the friendship of Wikipedia Asian Community, each participant who creates at least four articles that fulfill the criteria will receive a special designed Wikipedia postcard from other participating countries. If you haven’t yet signed-up your language in WAM 2017, You can sign-up here. Below we have provided some notices and guidelines for organizing it.


Shaheed Minar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The monument in Dhaka established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of 1952 by Mostaque Ahammed under CC-BY 2.0

The Sample page for Wikipedia Asian Month is ready to be translated. If you had this page for 2016 already, you can modify the data and numbers for this year. The article requirement for this year is four articles, an article should be of 3000 bytes and 300 words. The fountain tool doesn’t support IP users to participate, Please encourage them to register an account.

Before the event, we encourage WAM organizers to localize this template to use on the sign-up page and m:Wikipedia Asian Month/QA, but you can also just put a link towards the meta page. The template will be developed gradually once the tool is ready to be used.

Both the participants (created 4 or more articles) and organizers will receive postcards from different supporting affiliates for this year. This year we have some special prizes provided by Wikimedia Affiliates and others. Take a look at here. If your organization would also like to offer a similar thing, you can update the rules and criteria on the meta page. We will also send a regular paper copy of the certificate to the WAM Ambassadors through the basic mail.

Please feel free to contact the WAM team at the meta talk page, or chat with us on Facebook.

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